This is Clean Like a Pro

Ever wish cleaning could be simpler and more satisfying? That's the question driving us every day. You’re here because you’re looking for a better way to clean. Meet Kate and Jack—dedicated to turning tough cleaning tasks into efficient, manageable experiences. Our goal? To deliver products that not only power through grime but also enhance your cleaning routine, making it less of a chore and more of a triumph.

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Founded by Kate & Jack

Bond cleaning experts turned innovative entrepreneurs. Together, Kate and Jack have tackled some of the toughest clean-ups, turning daunting tasks into opportunities for innovation. Their transition from international cabin crew to cleaning gurus revealed a universal truth: cleaning is a chore everyone faces, often bogged down by complexity and dullness.

Make Cleaning Your Happy Hour.

Ditch the dread of daily chores! Kate and Jack have mastered the art of turning every clean-up session into a feel-good rhythm. Embrace the chance to crank up your favorite songs and groove your way through the grime. Their approach makes tidying up less about the hassle and more about enjoying the moment. It’s your space, your pace—so why not make cleaning the best part of your day?

Bright Bottles, Brighter Homes.

Welcome to a brighter way of cleaning with Clean Like a Pro. Each bottle from our PRO range packs a punch against dirt while treating the earth with kindness. Formulated with robust, eco-conscious ingredients, our cleaners work hard so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals or harming the planet. Experience a cleaner home and a clearer conscience with every spray — that’s cleaning joy, uncomplicated.

No Bull, Just Shine.

Straight talk and serious clean—that’s our promise. Our products don’t hide behind fancy claims or the latest fads. They deliver where it counts: in your living spaces, tackling real messes. Every PRO cleaner is rigorously tested in homes like yours, ensuring they perform on spills, stains, and everything in between, not just in spotless labs. This means your spaces don’t just get clean, they shine—without the bull.

No Time for Half-arsed Cleaning.

Kate and Jack’s mantra? If it doesn’t make cleaning easier and more enjoyable, it’s not making the cut. With a houseful of life’s chaos and their own adventures beyond the mop, they craft each product to stand up to the messiest of life’s moments. Because like you, they’ve got no time for anything that doesn’t deliver.