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PRO Shower presents an advanced cleaning formula engineered to tackle the toughest grime and mineral buildup in showers and on shower glass, effectively preventing cloudiness and unsightly deposits. Its superior cleaning power also makes it an exceptional choice for toilet bowls and sinks, trusted by industry experts for managing the most challenging bathroom cleaning tasks. Please note, it is not recommended for use on natural stone.

Refer to PRO Bathroom & Toilet as a regular maintenance product after the problem has been solved.

Makes up to 10 x 500ml ready to use bottles


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

It does what it says it does love it

Thank you, Kim! We're thrilled to hear that our product meets your expectations and that you highly recommend it. Your support means a lot to us!

My new favourite cleaning product!!

Used the shower cleaner on my shower door and it has never looked cleaner. I recommend this product to everyone!!

Hi Madeline,

Thanks for the glowing review! We're so happy to hear our shower cleaner is your new favorite. It's wonderful to know you're seeing such great results!

Happy cleaning,
Kate & Jack


Didn't work

Hi Megan,

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. I'm sorry to hear that our PRO Shower product didn't work as expected on your hard water stains. Sometimes, these stubborn stains can be particularly challenging, especially if they've been building up over time.

Please email us a photo of your shower glass. This will help us understand the situation better and provide you with some tailored cleaning tips to achieve the best possible results. While our products are designed to effectively clean and reduce the appearance of buildup, there are instances like glass cancer where the damage is beyond what standard cleaning can restore. If that’s the case, it’s more about restoration rather than cleaning, but we'll do our best to guide you.

Also, remember that our PRO Shower cleaner is great for cleaning other areas of your bathroom too, including toilets and vanities.

Looking forward to helping you soon!

Best regards,